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Welding Column & Boom Manipulators

The RedRock range of Column & Boom Manipulators are specifically designed and built to withstand the harsh and rugged environments expected in the welding industry.

ML1818 – Light Duty 1800 x 1800mm Data Sheet

ML2020 – Light Duty 2000 x 2000mm Data Sheet

ML2025 – Light Duty 2000 x 2500mm Data Sheet

MM2525 – Medium Duty 2500 x 2500mm Data Sheet

MM3020 – Medium Duty 3000 x 2000mm Data Sheet

MM3030 – Medium Duty 3000 x 3000mm Data Sheet

MM3535 – Medium Duty 3500 x 3500mm Data Sheet

MM4040 – Medium Duty 4000 x 4000mm Data Sheet

MV4040 -Heavy Duty 4000 x 4000mm Data Sheet

MV4545 – Heavy Duty 4500 x 4500mm Data Sheet

MV5050 – Heavy Duty 5000 x 5000mm Data Sheet

MV5555 – Heavy Duty 5500 x 5500mm Data Sheet

MV6060 – Heavy Duty 6000 x 6000mm Data Sheet

MV6565 – Heavy Duty 6500 x 6500mm Data Sheet

MV7070 – Heavy Duty 7000 x 7000mm Data Sheet

MV7575 – Heavy Duty 7500 x 7500mm Data Sheet


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