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WB9018-B3 MMA Electrodes Chromium-molybdenum Creep-resisting Steel

Fully positional, basic coated, low hydrogen electrode for welding low alloy creepresisting steels. Excellent de-slag, re-strike and general welder appeal. The addition of iron powder gives a recovery of 120%. Suitable for welding 2¼%Cr,1%Mo and 0.5%Cr 0.25%V creep-resisting steels. Typical material grades: – BS1501 Part 2 Grade 622, ASTM A387 D, BS1503 Grade 622, BS1504 Grade 622, BS3100 Grade B3, ASTM A217 WC9, BS1503 Grade 660, BS1504 Grade 660, BS3100 Grade B7. Scaling and creep resistance to 600°C.

AWS A5.5-96 : E9018-B3
BSEN1599-97:ECrMo2 B 3 2 H5

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