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WB6542 Carbon Manganse TIG Welding Wire

Copper coated 1.25% Chromium, 0.5% Molybdenum solid TIG wire. WB6542 is suitable for welding 1.25%Cr 0.5%Mo creep-resisting steels. The balanced Manganese and Silicon ensures optimum deoxidisation and weld fluidity. Typical grades:- BS1501:Part 2 620, BS1503 Grade 620/621, BS1504 Grade 620 and BS3100 Grade B2, ASTM A335 Grades P11 & P12, A182 F11, ASTM A199, A200 & A213.

AWS A5.28-79 : ER80S-B2
EN ISO 21952-A : W CrMo1

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