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WB5535E MMA Electrodes Nickel Base Electrodes

WB625 is a Ni-Cr-Mo type, MMA electrode. WB625 is made on matching 625 core wire. Excellent welder appeal in all positions. WB625 is optimised for welding in all positions. Particularly suited for pipe work. Extensively used in the offshore / marine industry. Excellent pitting resistance (PRE=50). Typical materials to be welded:- Alloy 625 : ASTM UNS N06625, BS NA21, DIN 2.4856, Inconel 625 (Inco), Nicrofer 6020hMo, 6022hMo(VDM). High Nickel : Inconel  601, Incoloy  800H, 825 (Inco) and equivalents. Super Austenitic : UNS S31254, (254SMO), 904L and similar alloys. In addition to the above materials, WB625 is extensively used for overlaying carbon steels and combinations of the above.

AWS A5.11: ENiCrMo-3
DIN 1736 : EL-NiCr 20 Mo 9 Nb (2.4621)

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