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WB4545E MMA Electrodes Duplex & Super Austenitil Stainless Steels

All positional, semi-basic coated, duplex stainless steel electrode, Excellent welding characteristics. Applications This electrode finds use in the fabrication and repair of offshore installations and pipework by virtue of its high strength and corrosion resistance, can be used for welding SAF2205, DINI.4662, Avesta 223, Sandvik 223, UNS1803 and ASTM A182 Gr. F51. WB4545E is extensively used for the repair of “standard” duplex castings, and yields excellent mechanical properties in the as-welded condition. Duplex structure of  60/40 austenite/ferrite gives a pitting resistance equivalent of 38.

AWS A5.4-06 : E2209-16
BS EN ISO 3581:2003 (22 9 3 N L)

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