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WB4405E MMA Electrodes Dissimilar & Mixed Welding Stainless Steels

All positional, basic coated, 308Mo stainless steel electrode having excellent deslag and bead profile. Used for welding hardenable high strength steels, such as armour plate with typically 0.3C, 2Cr, 0.5Ni, 0.4Mo. Materials:- ARMOUR PLATE – MVEE 816 (MoD), Armox 816 (Swedish Steel) Compass B555 (Sleeman). 13%Mn (Hadfield’s) steel Red diamond 14 (spartan redheugh), Abro M (Creusot). <0.4%C hardenable steels such as: BS970 709M40(En19), 817M40(En24), 826M40(En26), 897M39 (En40C). WEARRESISTANT STEELS such as:- Hardox 400 and 500 (Swedish Steel), ARQ360, A-RCOL (British Steel), Creusabro 4000, Abro 360 and 500 (Crusot), ABR 500 (Taysteel), Red Diamond 20, 21, 22 (spartan redburgh) Typical 20FN.

~AWS A5.4-92 : E308Mo-15

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