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WB4202E MMA Electrodes Martensitic Stainless Steel

Heavy coated, mild steel core wire, rutile electrode with a substantial metal powder addition to the coating. Having exceptional deslag and arc stability, this electrode produces a recovery of  180%. Suitable for the welding of high strength Matensitic stainless steels having better resistance to corrosion, hydro-cavitation, sulphide-induced S.C.C. and good sub-zero toughness compared with standard 12%Cr steels. Developed primary for CA-6NM castings. Additional material grades :- BS3100 425C11, ASTM F6NM-CA6NM, DIN 14351 1.4313 G-X5CrNi 13 4 & AFNOR Z6 CND 1304-M. Components :- Valve bodies, compressor cones, impellers and high pressure pipe in power generation.

AWS A5.4: E410NiMo-16
BS EN ISO 3581-A: E13 4 R 5 3

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