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WB2000E Mild & Medium Tensile Steels MMA Electrodes

Easy to use all purpose contact electrode, recommended where a neat weld appearance and high finish is required. Excellent de-slag with little or no spatter. Mild and medium C-Mn steels up to 15mm thick with a UTS of 500 N/mm² max. Typical grades – BS1449 plate and steel – BS4360 grades 43A, 43C – Lloyds grade A and D ship steel – BS4360 grade 50B – Lloyds grade AH and DH – BS3059 and BS3601 grade 320-420 – AP15L and AP15L 42.

AWS A5.1-04 : E6013
BSEN 499-95 : E42 A R 1 2

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