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Hypertherm Powermax 125

The Powermax 125® Professional-grade plasma metal cutting and gouging system for handheld and mechanised cutting. The 125 model has an impressive cut capacity recommended 38 mm to 44mm, with a hand held severance capacity of 57mm and piercing 25 mm.

Applications include gouging, cutting and can be used with automation equipment.  Straight edge cutting, weld preparation, weld removal and bevelled edge.  Automated solutions include XY cutting tables, 3 dimensional robots, track cutting systems and a variety of automated processes.

Powermax Plasma cutting systems offer many advantages over other thermal cutting technologies such as oxy fuel, powermax systems are safer as no flammable gases are required to operate, are more productive with faster cutting speeds and better cut quality which results in less grinding.

Powermax systems are very versatile and robust and are used in a wide variety of applications from General Fabrication, Automotive, Agricultural to Shipbuilding.

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